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Top Design Features for Landscapes

With a well-kept outdoor landscaping, commercial properties will most definitely look stunning. Majority of clients will get attracted with a beautiful, well-maintained garden and the best part is – it helps boost the company’s reputation. Many business places are still unaware of the significant balance of having an eye-catching exterior space together with the interior […]

What are the design factors for landscaping?

Landscaping design weaves together various factors to bring about a finished landscape. Each factor plays a vital role in the landscape’s whole architecture and ecosystem. That is why It is important to identify these factors and plan them to a T before starting any landscaping project. Here is a list of factors that go into […]

What is landscape design about?

Landscape design weaves together nature and culture to create the ideal outdoor masterpiece. Just as interior design seeks to beautify the interior of our homes and buildings, the goal of landscape design is to enhance the exterior of a space using elements from nature and also architecture. If you have seen movies depicting 17th or […]

What Is Included In Landscaping Maintenance?

Landscape maintenance includes pruning, shearing, bed maintenance, fertilizer application, pest control and disease treatment.   The Benefits of Urban Landscapes Landscapes have always been a prominent part of urban households and commercial building gardens. While unquantifiable, studies have shown that they contribute significantly to both our physical and mental wellbeing. Arguably, this could be due […]