a) Greenwall and Skyrise Greenery Installation

Nowadays bringing greenery especially Greenwall into our spaces has become a popular way to seek connections with nature. A study shown that the exposure to nature benefits to many aspects especially mental well-being.

Our Greenwall and vertical garden provide the same effect as well. It helped in health, better emotions, improve air quality, reduce of stress, increase productivity and creativity when we are in that space.

BSG have expertise team specialise in Greenwall installation and Greenwall maintenance over the years. We have been collaborated with supplier for variety of green wall systems in Singapore.

For Greenwall installation, we offer a wide various of plants species as follow:

  • Philodendron Scandens Green
  • Philodendron EQ
  • Philodendron Gold
  • Schefflera Arboricola Green
  • Green Epipremnum aureum
  • Epipremnum ‘N’Joy’,
  • Ficus pumila
  • Begonia coccinea

The good things about Greenwall and vertical garden is you can easily move them and replace withother plants once you feel to change the plants.

Let us customise a sustainable green wall solution with highest quality to fit your needs.

b) Greenwall and Skyrise Greenery Maintenance

Aside from Greenwall installation, we provide Greenwall and Skyrise Greenery maintenance services to ensure the plants in good conditions.

To maintain Greenwall plants prosperity and fertility, trimming of plants is one of the methods to remove the dying plants leave and keep them healthy in your workspaces.

Simultaneously, we monitor on existing Greenwall at least monthly session to keep the structure of the Greenwall as stunning as it was at the beginning.

There is a maintenance activity for us to care for your Greenwall and Skyrise Greenery.

i) Greenwall inspection on site every month

  • to ensure automated irrigation system and controllers are working perfectly
  • to ensure the plants moisture sufficiency

ii) Plants pruning

  • Pruning of overgrowth plants and unattractive leaves

iii) Plants fertilizing

  • Use liquid fertilizer spraying on plants if necessary

iv) Protect and prevent the Greenwall Plants against plants disease

  • Observe and monitor the Greenwall to prevent spreading of plants diseases

v) Plants replacement

  • Easily to replace with other plants species depending on requirement

In BSG, you will be sure that your Greenwall will be long lasting and well-maintained. Be inspired by our one-stop Greenwall maintenance services.