BSG has more than 30 years of experience in Arboriculture industry in Singapore, our arboriculture services prioritising on tree care services. We trusted by government agencies, town councils,education institution, commercial building and private residential for our arboriculture services.

As a tree surgeons or tree doctor, our in-house ISA Certified arborists specialise in evaluate the tree health conditions. They will provide professional advice on remedies for tree health problems and treatment on tree disease to ensure the tree is well maintained properly.

In order to execute tree care management, our well-trained qualified arborist will advise for tree fertilizing, tree pruning or tree trimming, treatment on tree and monitoring to keep the tree alive.

We have full range of ecology and tree care. Our arboriculture consultancy specializing in:

  • Evaluation assessment on trees services
  • Tree risk assessment
  • Tree inspection with report
  • Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) with Report
  • Inspection of the surrounding of tree to check the potential safety hidden hazardous
  • Soil analysis and improve soil conditions

Call us if you need a one-stop arboriculture services with our ISA certified Arborist.